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The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre is a national centre for competence within smart grids. The organization works with research and development, education, demonstration projects and commercialization.

Norwegian case bilde

The article above presents the Norwegian Smart Grid case by collecting the experiences and actions taken by industry, academic and research sectors. The role of power electronics technologies in smart grid research and in industry-driven innovation is also addressed in the paper.

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The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre

Visiting address:
Sem Sælands vei 11, Trondheim, Norway

Organization number:
913 463 900


Centre Management


Executive Director Grete Coldevin
Senior research scientist, SINTEF Kjell Sand
Student coordinators         Thomas Berg Jørgensen
Stian Jørgensen


Board of the Norwegian Smartgrid Centre

Sigurd Kvistad (chair)                 Hafslund Nett 
Mona Askmann Norgesnett
Geir Kulås Skagerak Kraft
Geir Øien IE-faculty NTNU
Torbjørn Olsen Statkraft Energi
Kjetil Storset Powel
Stian Reite ABB
Mona Tunestveit Skår BKK Nett
Sonja M. Berlijn Statnett
Trond Lein Siemens
Trygve Kvernland Tensio AS
Victoria F. Landmark ENFO
Åshild Helland Lyse Elnett
Ingvild Bakken E-CO Energi AS


Smartgrids R&D – documents

Latest news

Smart Grid in Norway – Status and outlook 2017

This paper aims to update the reader on the 2017 status and outlooks of the Norwegian Smart Grid landscape. The paper  cover topics like: Norwegian demonstration projects and experience from these, The National Smart Grid Laboratory, context and specifics of the Norwegian Smart Grid landscape, and much more.

GSGF Member of the month: The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre

The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre was announced as GSGF’s member of the month in january 2017. You can read about the Norwegian Smartgrid Centre – our work, and our goals in this summary from the GSGF january Newsletter. You can also dowload a PDF-version of the summary here: GSGF Member of the month: The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre.

Test of batteries and island operations in area with distributed generation of solar cells

Along with Norway Nett, The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre has been on an exciting and informative day visit with the demonstration project Nice Grid on June 20 this year. It was especially interesting to hear about the experiences with the use of batteries in combination with PV, and what happened when connecting an office area from the grid and run it in island operation mode (both planned and unplanned).


Smart Grids European Technology Platform (ETP) booklet (updated 2016)

ETP Smart Grids publishes a booklet that covers the national an regional smart grid technology and demonstration platforms. Among these is The Norwegian Smart Grid Centre and Demo Norway. Download the report here


Norwegian Smart Grid Research Strategy

A Scientific Committee was established for the Smartgrid Centre, and the primary objective of the Scientific Committee has been the development of this research strategy. In keeping with the objective of establishing a national research strategy, the Scientific Committee has members form a wide range of scientific disciplines and from the main academic and research institutions active in the Smart Grid area in Norway. Download the strategy document here


ENISA publishes final report on security certification of smart grid components

«The report describes the need for harmonised European smart grid certification practices which cover the complete smart grid supply chain, and are supported by a European platform based on M/490 SGAM1 (Smart Grid Architecture Model) and the concept of smart grid chain of trust.» Read more


NSGS’s case book contribution to International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)

The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre has made a case book describing the Norwegian smart grid situation, research projects (the «living labs» of Demo Norway) and the national smart grid laboratory. This is written in English, and is to be published by ISGAN next year. This case book can be read and downloaded from here.


The IMPROSUME project

«The basic aim of IMPROSUME was to define and study the role of prosumers in the future power market. Energy prosumers are not only consumers that also produce energy, but also sellers of energy and therefore active participants in the market.» Read more


Smart grid projects in Europe: Outlook 2014

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)’s 2014 outlook report on the European smart grid projects  is available. It  includes data on more than 450  smart grid projects with a total budget of €3.15 billion. This report presents the latest analyses and insights from the most comprehensive database of smart grid projects across the European Union (EU) Member States.

See the report and read more on the website of European Commission Joint Research Centre here.

Member of the month

In March 2014 Norway became member of the month at the Global Smart Grid Federation. Kjell Sand, chair of the coordination committee of Demo Norway has in this occasion written an article about the development of smart grids in Norway. Read the article at Global Smart Grid Federation’s web page here.


IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives 2014

«Starting from the premise that electricity will be an increasingly important vector in energy systems of the future, Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 (ETP 2014) takes a deep dive into actions needed to support deployment of sustainable options for generation, distribution and end-use consumption.» Read more