5G communication for smart grid application

Michelle Garau, NTNU/CINELDI

26. mar , Kl. 11:00 - 11:40
Hvor Digitalt
  • Brief explanation of the evolution of the different generations of mobile communication.
  • Some time will be dedicated to explain why 4G is not the right technology for smart grid communication, and then why we need 5G.
  • Explanation of what 5G is, mainly from a functional point of view, and if time allows, some technical details.
  • Applications of 5G for smart grid operation: how 5G can meet the different requirements of smart grids for different use cases.
  • Finally some considerations to reliability of smart grid as complex system: introducing ICT in power system operation brings numerous advantages, but at the same time increases the complexity of the power system. What is the impact of this evolution on the reliability assessment of the power system?