IRENA Webinar – Electric Vehicles: how smartly should we charge them?

The webinar will explore synergies between electric vehicles and renewable energy, and how electrifying transport can aid to the decarbonisation of both transport and power sectors. It will focus in particular on smart charging and its key role in unlocking flexibility from electric vehicles to integrate more solar and wind power. Our presenters will also offer insights into how technological breakthroughs and innovative business models, as well as regulatory frameworks are all important for the development of smart charging together with the rapid deployment of electric vehicles. There will be an opportunity to engage with our experts during a short Q&A session following the presentation.

“Electric Vehicles: how smartly should we charge them?” will be hosted by International Renewable Energy Agency’s Renewable Energy Innovation team on Tuesday, 21st January between 10:00 and 10:30 (CET).

Featured speakers:

  • Arina Anisie, Renewable Energy Innovation team
  • Francisco Boshell, Team lead, Renewable Energy Technology, Standards and Markets

Please follow the link to register.