What can the money be used for?

The money can be used to free up time for employees or for further development, renting lab time, buying equipment or consulting services for an early-stage prototype, and to do market research to understand the market you are addressing.

Requirements for you as the inventor and the idea:

  • The idea is developed by you as a student or PhD student, and is owned by NTNU/SINTEF or yourself.
  • The idea could contribute in solving challenges within the future energy system or help create a sustainable energy transition, and has a high potential. This could for instance be solutions that aim to:

o Increase energy efficiency
o Reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels
o Technologies that contribute to better energy production, storage or transfero More sustainable or efficient use of materials and resources

  • Solutions that could have a direct impact for consumers, are encouraged to apply.
  • The idea could be in an early stage, but the project should focus on commercializing the idea

    through for instance a new company. The support can not be used for research purposes.

  • You have a desire to develop the idea towards future commercial use, and you want to

    contribute actively in the journey ahead.

  • The support is given for a 6-month project that you define yourself, where you can apply for

    between 50.000 and 150.000 kroner to get over an important hurdle or reach a milestone, to get that one step further. You will also get help investigating subjects like market research, strategy and recruitment of team members.

    How do I apply?

    You apply through filling out the attached application (in English or Norwegian), and send it toeirik.g.medbo@ntnu.no. The grant winners will be announced at UKA in the beginning of October.

    The deadline to apply is September 15th, at 12.00.

    If you have questions about the application or the grant itself, please contact Innovation Manager at NTNU Energy Transition / Engage, Eirik Gjelsvik Medbø (eirik.g.medbo@ntnu.no)