The Norewegian Smartgrid Centre will provide some information on ongoing international projects that might be of interest for Norwegian actors in the smart grid field. On such project is the «You are a smart consumer» demonstration project funded by Intelligent Europe.

Despite the high number of smart meters rollouts in EU countries, the challenge is to make them work for utilities’ and consumers’ benefit. Even considering the trials that have taken place, debate still ranges on the energy savings consumers will make when they have access to their usage data, particularly in the long term. The USmartConsumer project is aimed at enhancing European households (tenants and owners) based on the improved information facilities of their smart meter, informing and involving them in the innovative services that help them save electric, gas or district heating energy and get user-friendly interfaces.

Main activities:

Market activation tools: In order to accelerate the market development for smart metering services, providers are facilitated with important information regarding the state-of-art of smart metering services in Europe (Landscape reports).

Consumer engagement campaigns: Making use of the market activation tools and with the help of trained consumers organisations, regional or national information and media campaigns will be designed and initiated to activate consumer interest and engagement in accessing energy information from the smart meter for energy savings and cost reductions. An important element of the campaign concept will be the „Minus 10 %» motto, especially to draw media attention, where householders will be invited to decrease their energy consumption by up to 10 % compared to their current consumption. In order to reach high numbers of consumers, the campaign concepts will include instruments such as news articles, press conferences, mailings, social networks (Facebook, Twitter) etc.

Actions in the field: To foster a market driven uptake of effective smart metering services, USmartConsumer also focuses on practical testing of smart metering services -such as informative billing and feedback, variable tariffs and load control services-that are most potential to bring energy savings. In cooperation with energy utilities, and considering the feedback from the consumer organizations, promising national or regional ‘action in the field projects’ will be developed, executed and evaluated in terms of savings and consumer responses, to be disseminated as inspiring case-studies for business development inother regions and / or Member States.

Communication: By dissemination through the USmartConsumer website, social networks and a series of leaflets, newsletters, press releases and (inter)national events, the knowhow in this project will be disseminated throughout the European Union.




 Facts about the project

Title: You are a smart consumer
Duration: March 2014 – February 2017
Project budget: € 1.272.044 (EU contribution 75%)
Partner countries: Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom.
Project partners: AISFOR, Italy; Austrian Energy Agency, Austria; Central Finland Energy Agency, Finland; Centre for Sustainable Energy, United Kingdom; ESCAN S.A., Spain; Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Netherlands; Polish Consumer Federation National Council, Poland; National Energy Conservation Agency, Poland; REE! Management, Germany; WEMAG AG, Germany