You can now read the third paper on local energy markets based on the EMPOWER H2020 concept.  This follows the two Cired papers that have already been published or will be published in June. The paper explains the concept in more detail and includes preliminary results.  It has been accepted by Powertech 2017 and will be officially published later this year.

You can download the paper hereEMPOWER – A network market approach for local energy trade

Paper abstract: 

This paper describes the local market for trade in
energy, flexibility and energy related services developed in the
ongoing H2020 project, EMPOWER. It is based on a network
market approach. The establishment of a local community of
prosumers and consumers, inspired by Internet communities,
energy cooperatives and online shopping clubs, is central to the
idea. At the heart of the community the Smart Energy Service
Provider (SESP) can be found. The principal entities and
operations associated with the local market concept developed
are explained. Some early field results described.


EMPOWER concept
The EMPOWER concept aims to encourage and enable the active participation of citizens that consume and produce energy in the electrical system. It is based on the insight that a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and an increase of energy efficiency require radical changes in the way we produce and consume energy.