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Important Lessons The purpose of this casebook is to illustrate lessons learned and highlight a wide range of applications related to power T&D systems or smart grids. The examples are intended to support the value that smart grid solutions can offer in order to integrate renewable energy, improve the market, activate customers, and increase the security of the generation supply. The following examples, chosen from various countries and addressing several technologies, offer a variety of lessons learned:

  • Sweden: HVDC advanced voltage source converter (HVDC-VSC) technology increases transmission capacity and helps avoid voltage collapse in the grid. AC and DC overhead and underground cables are combined to upgrade the capacity in existing transmission corridors to minimize the environmental impacts. Storage Compressed air Pumped hydro Distributed energy resources Smart energy system control Electrification of transport CCS Renewable energy resources Smart transmission and distribution Centralised power and heat generation Figure 3. A sustainable electrical system is a smarter, multidirectional, and integrated energy system that requires long-term planning for service delivery.
  • China: A multi terminal flexible DC transmission system improves the reliability of supply and flexibility of operation. The technology also allows access to large-scale renewable energy resources.
  • Germany: HTS technologies are used to upgrade an electric power system in congested urban area where space and other constraints limit the feasibility of expanding current high voltage delivery systems.