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Executive summary:

The Work Group on Cyber Security was formed by GSGF in May 2015 to examine security issues in various segments of the smart grid eco-system. This report discusses such issues in smart meters and the associated advance metering infrastructure. It is expected that the global smart meter deployment would cross 800 million by 2020. Several geographies including North America and Europe have achieved a significant portion of their targets already. Smart meters will provide a platform to utilities for optimizing their overall infrastructure, improving efficiency and managing demand-supply in a better way. While these are significant benefits, it is also understood that as software and communications become more pervasive, systems will become prone to previously alien issues – security being one of them.

In this report, we attempt to provide a global picture of the smart metering rollout while illustrating the nuances in system architecture. We then point out several challenges from a privacy and system security standpoint that must be addressed at the design and rollout phase. The objective is to highlight the fact that security and reliability can’t be isolated from each other. For a system to be dependable, security is just as important as reliability