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In June 2016, ETP Smartgrids wrote this about the transition from ETP to ETIP: 

The ETP Smartgrids becomes the ETIP SNET (European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition) as of this month.

With the new SET Plan presented by the EC in 2015, the ETPs are now evolving towards ETIPs and will integrate in a single advisory environment the stakeholders which were involved in the EIIs (European Industry Initiatives) and  EERA.

In the case of the ETP Smartgrids evolving towards the ETIP SNET, it  reflects the increasing need to consider the smart electricity networks within the wider energy system, broadening the stakeholders to be involved beyond the traditional ones (Distribution and Transmission networks, technology vendors and ICT, research and academia) to storage, consumers and other connected energy carriers (gas, hydrogen, transport, etc.). The ETIP SNET will therefore become the new integrated advisory environment to reflect this evolution.

After a period of consultation with the stakeholders of the SET Plan a proposal of new governing structure has been developed jointly with the EC and a call for nominations was launched by the EC in the end of May after the new structure was presented at the ETP Smartgrids General Assembly. Stakeholders identified had until 15 June to nominate representatives to the new Governing Board of the ETIP SNET to the EC, including representatives from Member States. On Monday 27 June the nominated stakeholders gathered together for the first meeting of the Governing Board of the ETIP SNET. The Terms of Reference, the next steps for the election of a chair and vice chairs and the determination of working groups were discussed in this first meeting.

We are looking forward to this new era!


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